Mystery Book Series for Sale in North Carolina

Jane Tesh lives in beautiful North Carolina, and she uses her surroundings to inspire her gripping mystery book series. If you love mystery novels that keep you guessing and make you wear out the edge of your seat, you're in the right place. Her six-book series is perfect for anyone who wants a book chock-full of mystery, suspense, twists, and action.

Mystery Book Series for Sale

Jane Tesh has crafted a realistic setting with artful descriptions and scenes, and she's created characters with believable motivations and personalities that feel genuine. Her books are a new twist on the classic murder mystery genre, one that you're sure to love. Be fair warned: if you start this series, you won't be able to stop until you turn the last page and read the satisfying conclusion!

Read below to see a synopsis of each book and find Jane Tesh's books on Amazon. You'll be glad you did!

A case of imagination by j. D. Mcpherson

A Case of Imagination

The Madeline Maclin Mystery book series set in North Carolina introduces former Miss Parkland, Madeline "Mac" Maclin and her con man boyfriend, Jerry Fairweather, as they investigate a murder at a small town pageant. "Beauty pageant tomfoolery and psychic shenanigans add comic zest to Tesh's cozy debut", Publishers Weekly.

A hard bargain by laura e. Wright

A Hard Bargain

When the director of "Curse of the Mantis Man" is murdered, Madeline has too many suspects as she tries to solve the murder and also the mystery of what happened to Jerry's family. "A new sleuth is on the screwball southern cozy beat" Book list.

A woman in red shoes sitting on the ground.

A Little Learning

There's plenty of mystery in Madeline's small town of Celosia, North Carolina.

Can she find a connection between the murder of an unpopular teacher and a mysterious riddle? "Amusing characters and charming village atmosphere" Publishers Weekly.

A woman with red lipstick and a skull necklace.

A Bad Reputation

When wealthy Wendall Clarke opens an art gallery in town and is then murdered, Madeline has plenty of suspects among the local artists, all of whom were at odds over who should be in charge of the gallery. Mystery series book #4 continues Madeline and Jerry's adventures in their small North Carolina town of Celosia.

A book cover with the title evil turns.

Evil Turns

Murder by witchcraft? A young man's body covered with strange symbols is discovered in a vineyard near Celosia. Is it the work of the Dark Rose Coven, or is there a new witch in town? "Mac's fifth adventure is just as quirky as its predecessors with the bonus of a stronger, more complex mystery" Kirkus.

A woman with a paintbrush in her mouth and the words wild ride

A Wild Ride

Madeline's mother never approved of her detective career. But when ten paintings are stolen from the Parkland Museum of Art, including Madeline's Blue Moon Garden, her mother's concerns she might be a suspect make her glad Madeline's on the case.

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